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Guardian is Education’s most configurable investigation and case management platform.

Guardian is an easy-to-use case management software with virtually unlimited adaptability. Guardian was designed as a case management system, not a records repository. Unlike database software, Guardian can be configured to your organization’s unique needs, preferences, and processes.



Robust Features

With a responsive, user-friendly interface, Guardian allows you to customize workflows, perform all case-related activities on one screen, easily toggle between cases, and view and create detailed reports in one centralized hub.

Influenced by industry professionals. Process engineered by Lean Six Sigma experts.

Designed to promote effectiveness through efficiency.

Workflow Wizard
Dynamic Design
Intelligent Routing
Access Controls
Simple Setup
User Portal
Unlimited Support
All In Pricing

Your Processes. Your Way.

Gone are the days of having to conform your work to fit a rigid software process. Need different workflows for Conduct, Title IX, CARE, and others? No sweat! Design your Guardian workflows to meet your exact needs, and design as many workflows as your campus needs.

Guardian’s versatile workflow view allows users to create processes and customize workflows. As a result, all departments involved in case management can securely and cost-effectively take advantage of the tool, giving it much broader applicability for most schools and colleges than other systems designed for narrower use cases.

Your Case Dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of your or your team’s workload. Drag & Drop your cases through workflow stages for easy case management.

Guardian also partners with industry experts, such as ATIXA and NABITA to influence best practices for Worklow, Checklists, Communication templates and process design.

Streamline your intake forms.

Forget multiple Incident Report webforms. Guardian was designed to dynamically respond to any and all incident types – from various levels of Student Conduct, to Title IX, Academic Integrity, Campus Safety & more.

One web/mobile form, with intelligent routing to ensure each report makes it to the proper workflow.

Reports put into the right hands, automatically.

Submitted reports automatically route to the proper workflow and notify the proper personnel in realtime. Route by case type and/or location, to ensure that reports, forms and cases are put into the right hands automatically.

Title IX Reports route to the Title IX team, HR reports route to the HR team, and so on.

Because case access is not “one size fits all.”

Guardian’s robust, multi-layer access controls allow multiple departments to operate in the same system, yet ensure that access to case information is on a need-to-know basis.

Many clients switch to Guardian simply because their previous systems don’t allow for granular access provisioning for different case types.

In short, if someone should not be allowed to see cases of a certain type, they will not be permitted to.

2-Way communcation with important systems.

Guardian easily integrates with other campus softwares, including ERPs and Student Information Systems. Automated datafeeds streamline the addition and update of people information. Important information housed within Guardian can also be shared back to other important systems.

Single Sign On (SSO) integration with all major SSO technologies is also supported.

Quick & Painless Implementation.


Guardian has a streamlined onboarding process that simplifies the implementation process for new clients. Your implementation lead will be with you from start to finish, and will provide coaching, templates, client examples, integration support and training.

Importing your historical case information from your previous system or method of tracking is also included in your Guardian implementation!

Advanced, Automated Analytics.


Advanced reporting and statistics engine allows for simple, effective reporting, including saved and scheduled reporting.

Take the guesswork out of compliance reporting with Guardian’s automated Clery reporting and wealth of advanced statistics and reporting features. View and create custom, detailed reports with charts and trends, then schedule and distribute them automatically.

Bonus, you don’t need to learn coding techniques to run reports in Guardian!

Secure User Portal.


Need to share a document, report or piece of evidence with an involved party?Need to collect a statement from a witness, or share something sensitive with a parent, guardian, legal representative or outside investigator?

Guardian’s secure User Portal works similar to a doctor’s Patient Portal. Decide what to share, with whom and for how long. Guardian manages the access, logs each viewing, and prevents downloads and printing – allowing users to remain compliant while securing information. Share access can also be set to auto-expire after a set number of days.

Unparalleled, unlimited support.


When you work with Guardian, rest assured that your ongoing support is part of our service to each client, and does not come with additional costs.

Unlimited support and a comprehensive online video library are included with all Guardian partnerships, to ensure we help keep your teams trained and moving in the right direction.

Guardian also receives frequent updates and new features as it evolves to continuously meet industry and client needs. Clients receive new features as they’re released, and never need to upgrade to new versions.

Unlimited use. 1 Price.


With Guardian, your institution pays 1 Price, regardless of how many departments or teams utilize the software. Clients enjoy all product updates and unlimited, industry-best support at no additional cost.

Unlimited Departments.

Unlimited Cases.

Unlimited Storage.

Unlimited Users.

No Modules.

No Add Ons.

Guardian Applications

Higher Education

Guardian is the system of choice for Higher Education Instutions that wish to securely manage cases across multiple departments under one roof. Guardian is the most advanced, most customizable, and easiest to use incident reporting and case management software for Higher Education.

Create and manage any campus case management process using the most flexible case management software available.

Common Higher Ed Guardian use cases include:

  • Title IX complaints
  • Discrimination complaints (age, race, disability, religion, etc.) under Titles VI, VII, etc.
  • Student conduct/discipline
  • Employee conduct/discipline under Human Resources/Employee Relations
  • Residential Life infractions
  • 504/ADA disability/access accommodations
  • Counseling services case/session notes
  • Academic Integrity violations
  • BIT/CARE case tracking
  • Clery Act compliance
  • Incident tracking for campus safety/law enforcement/SROs

The #1 K-12 Case Management Software

Guardian is the top choice for K-12 Districts and Schools interested in streamlining and improving their incident reporting and case management activities, and is trusted by more than 1,000 schools nationwide. 

Most software platforms force you to conform to their rigid processes. Guardian was designed to be incredibly flexible, so that any client can configure it to meet their unique processes, terminology and workflows.

Common K-12 Guardian use cases include:

  • Title IX complaints
  • Discrimination complaints (age, race, disability, religion, etc.) under Titles VI, VII, etc.
  • Student conduct/discipline
  • Employee conduct/discipline under Human Resources/Employee Relations
  • 504/ADA disability/access accommodations
  • IEP/MDR case management and information sharing
  • Counseling services case/session notes
  • BIT/CARE case tracking
  • Incident tracking for campus safety/law enforcement/SROs

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Clients love Guardian

“Switching to Guardian has been the best decision our campus could have made! I have never worked in a system that is so intuitive and simple to create workflows, reports, and so many other things!  I encourage everyone to set up a demo to view the Guardian product and see how it can help your campus.”

Shawa Mott

Associate Director of Community Standards

“I work for a large K-12 school district and knew I needed a strong case management system in order to stay organized and meet regulatory deadlines. Guardian is the only case management system that was designed for the K-12 setting and fully customizable to meet my district’s needs. Guardian has been an absolute game changer for me and I can’t imagine working without it.”

Carly Elliott

Executive Director of Civil Rights and Title IX Coordinator

“Guardian is a big upgrade over our last case management system and has been a huge improvement when pulling reports. The interface is intuitive for our users and the Guardian team is quick to respond to our needs. Campus Kaizen understands our important mission to provide an equitable, inclusive, safe, supportive, and secure learning and working environment to the CPS community and supports us everyday in achieving it.”

Adam Graham

Director of Compliance

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